SheAh Prince Eternal is the living proof that it is very important that we find our way back to ourselves. After experiencing a very challenging and abusive childhood,  SheAh Prince Eternal discovered that we are the only one that can change our destiny at any moment. SheAh Prince Eternal recently introduced diverse coaching availabilities as "raw & uncut". As a non conformist and non binary being, SheAh Prince Eternal loves to assist businesses and individuals in growing to their highest potential in every area of life. He also brings plenty of  fun in the coaching which he offers addressing issues from a more light hearted approach with thorough expertise and the ability to make you smile as you feel better and more successful in all endeavors.

After studying hard for over 15 years under a prominent medicine woman/shaman from Africa, SheAh Prince Eternal learned the art of healing using sound vibration, herbs, supplement suggestions, and more. The ability to feel a person’s energy and transmit non judgmental love and the tools to move forward is one of many major strengths that you will experience if you choose to embark on the journey of self discovery and the path of freedom with SheAh Prince Eternal. Contact SheAh Prince Eternal for information regarding "Silver Sensuality" which are classes which explore sexuality, dating, and an overall fun, healthy, life as we mature and move through time.  There are also classes, workshops, groups or couples and individual coaching available for sexual growth, and ideas to enhance one's sexual life. 


(A note from SheAh)

Hello, my name is SheAh Prince Eternal and I work with all genders, orientations, and diversities, through one on one coaching, corporate & business support,  group coaching, and inspirational play parties, focusing especially on those who feel different. 

I feel a part of everyone whether you are of alternative lifestyles, LGBTQ, straight, special abilities, or purple. I love you and I want to be there for you. I’m looking for those who are willing to look in my eyes and feel my energy and make a decision as to whether I am a good fit and whether we can work together to bring you to a place in your life that feels good.  I genuinely care about you but I have learned that it doesn't mean anything until you care about yourself.  Remember "You are waiting for You"  If you have found yourself "Congratulations!" Your example will be a light to someone else. If you have not, I am here to assist you. 

Much Love