Self Approval

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Self Approval


As I finished meditating and writing out my positive aspects this morning, a thought came to me.

"Why does the approval of others matter so much?"

This is something ongoing that I totally work on.

And why do we as people measure ourselves by each others standards?


Things like the way we look, dress, our race, orientation, educational level, where we live, what we think, the list goes on in ways we measure ourselves and each other.

So I asked the Source of myself, how to stop doing this.

Heres what came.


We are all connected coming from the same energy of"All That Is"


Even though we have our individual expressions before and after we flow thru these physical bodies.


We all made the choice to come and experience the physical experience in our bodies. It was so profound when I realized this.


So the way to stop worrying about peoples approval or measuring ourselves and comparing ourselves to each other is to remember we all came from the same Source. There is no greater nor lesser.


We all choose our journey and make it what we want it to be whether deliberately creating or creating by default.


We can remember our greatness or we can down play ourselves and forget who we are. But it doesn't matter sooner or later on this eternal journey we will know once again that we are all magnificent.  


Remember who you are. You are the only one like you.



SheAh Prince Eternal

SheAh Prince Eternal