"I Made It!"

Hello Folks

Its been a year as of April 12,2016 that I had a stroke that left the right side of my body disabled for a time and I had to learn to walk again and stand without the aid of a cane or walker.  My blood pressure was challenged and my vision as well as certain brain perceptions and severe depression.  I can say that now I am in such good health, its as if it never happened. First I worked on the mental and emotional reasons that my body had reacted to which caused such a misalignment. Then I used my shamanic training and researched my case or more accurately my dear friends who are also believers in holistic, homeopathic,  herbal, ayurvedic meds , and certain supplements helped me research my case because I could barely lift my head,  and as a result I healed rapidly and I worked on my emotional state. I had to accept myself bottom line. I had to take myself on a journey of love for me as I had taken so many others and believe in myself as I coach others to do. I am happy to say now that it does not matter what others think of me. It does not matter what gender I am or what body I was born in. I have decided that I am non binary, non conformist and it doesn’t matter whether the inside matches the outside. I have also decided that I create my world and that world is a result of me loving me and honoring me in every aspect of my life.

SheAh Prince Eternal